Friday, 10 October 2014

Re-introducing the Seminar Series: Foundations for Future Great Scientists, in FCT Junior Secondary Schools

 The economic viability of a nation is pivoted on her science-based activities, and a country without a strong science culture and education will remain a consumer nation and parasite to developed nations. Science is the pillar of economies and democracies of nations! More so, demand on scientific research is now very high as it is the key to solving society’s critical problems related to food, health, energy and so on. And a country without a greater percentage of her populace actively engaged in science will find it difficult in meeting all these challenges. In the face of these global demands, what becomes of our nation? Can we still make science-based decisions in future when many of our students no longer do well or show interest in sciences?

Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists – A Review

Professor M.U. Adikwu, FAS
Professor of Pharmaceutics and National Coordinator, Science and Technology Education Post-Basic (STEP-B) Project

The book, Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, is one book that is close to my heart and I am glad to review it. While on a postdoctoral research fellowship outside the shores of Nigeria, I stumbled on a book The Western Intellectual Tradition from Leonardo da Vinci to Hegel. The present book is the Nigerian equivalent of that book written by Professor Jacob Bronowski.

On first sight, it seems like a chronology of names and works of great scientists, but a closer peep reveals more than this. The book consists of 14 chapters dealing with science as a body of knowledge; the scientist as a person, and the pains and gains of being a scientist. The book also tries to paint the scientist as a model and celebrity.

The Seminar Series: Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, Receive Commendations from FCT Senior Secondary Schools

The seminar series, Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, being presented by Chigozie Ubani, has recorded tremendous commendations in the past and recent times from both students and teachers from the FCT senior secondary schools. Some of the teachers commend:

So Far with the Seminar: Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, in FCT-SEB Schools

Through the collaborative efforts of Global Science Development Initiatives and the Science and Tech. Unit of the FCT Secondary Education Board (SEB), a number of government senior secondary schools benefited from this seminar within the 2009/2010 school year. The schools are: