Friday, 10 October 2014

The Seminar Series: Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, Receive Commendations from FCT Senior Secondary Schools

The seminar series, Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, being presented by Chigozie Ubani, has recorded tremendous commendations in the past and recent times from both students and teachers from the FCT senior secondary schools. Some of the teachers commend:

“The seminar was very thoughtful, educating and exciting. I have never seen students sit with rapt attention to a paper being delivered for about two hours. This is a strong indication that the intended impact of the programme was definitely achieved. The management and staff sincerely hope that programmes of this nature, if continued and improved upon will transform Nigeria from a consumer nation to a producing nation through science and technology. I am sure that the students have been redirected to the right path that will lead them to becoming great scientists”.

Oseh Anderson Kolawole
Vice Principal (Admin), GSS Jiwa
February 17, 2010.

“The seminar or workshop was very interesting and educating because it inspired and stirred up the interest and spirit of science in the students. The students’ interest in science was gingered having been exposed to great works awaiting scientists. Also, the students’ old perception that science is difficult was totally erased. I believe they will now go back to work harder and be more creative in their study of science”.

Mbamalu Grace Chinelo
Senior Education Officer, GSS Karu
November 4, 2009.

“I am of the opinion that this type of seminar should be done regularly and this would make almost every student a science student. The science teachers have also been instigated to go on further research towards attaining greatness”.

Baba Joseph
Assistant Chief Education Officer, ADSS Asokoro
November 12, 2009.

“The seminar was very interesting, revealing and educative. Such seminars should be organized for teachers and students regularly at least once in a term. I thank the organizers of this programme and advice that it should be continued”.

Mrs. Ikeanyi Ada A.
HOD Science, GSS Jibi
March 3, 2010

“A very motivating seminar especially to the students. The highlights: attributes of scientists, prerequisite for being a scientist, factors and principle that enabled great scientists attain greatness were wonderful. The ‘Shoulders of Giants’ Concept was a good eye-opener to both students and their teachers. Let the message go round FCT SEB schools”.

Mallam Yusuf I. E.
Vice Principal (Academics), GSS Karshi
November 4, 2009.

“The seminar is one that should be presented to all secondary schools and for all levels of secondary school. Particularly, it would broaden the horizon of JSS students in the second or third term when they are at the stage of determining and choosing a career for themselves. I salute the organization and the presenters, especially Mr Chigozie Ubani (the president) who must be encouraged to take this wealth of experience and motivation to as many schools as possible”.

Kevin Okoduwa
Head of Science, Capital Science Academy, Kuje
November 18, 2009.

“The seminar titled ‘Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists’ had a very great impact on the students and even the teachers in their desire to increase in knowledge and make great impact in their generation. Knowing that nothing can stop one’s ambition if added with hard work and perseverance, the students now see the need to work hard in their academics and every aspect of life. This kind of seminar should be encouraged to stimulate hidden ambitions which are dying off slowly as a result of discouragement”.

Dein Emmanuel Olu (Mrs.)
Head of Science, Abuja Comprehensive College, Nyanya
October 29, 2009.

“The seminar which lasted for about two hours was well presented. The lecturer gave a very wide and interesting background of great scientists and their contribution to the development of science. The students and staff were alert throughout the presentation. I wish we have another opportunity like this”.

Adegbule SBA
Principal, Christ Academy Int’l, Gwagwalada
October 2, 2009.

“The seminar was wonderful. We thank the officials of Global Science Development Initiatives, who have inculcated in our students a motivational approach to being a great scientist. We say that God will continue to strengthen you to carry on with this wonderful idea”.

Mrs. Uzochukwu BC
Principal, Standard Comprehensive Secondary School, Zuba
September 30, 2009.