Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Comments about the Book: Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists

The best way of becoming a great scientist is by knowing how the world’s great scientists achieved greatness. This book therefore offers an impressive and comprehensive account of principles and factors that make great scientists, alongside 
trials and tribulations. It contains brief biographies of many great scientists which will serve as an inspiration to beginners. It is indeed a resource material for all budding scientists, educators and scientists.
Professor Amagh Nduka
Renowned Professor of Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics and Former Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Technology, Owerri (Nigeria)

The book, Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists, is timely. This is because students and even some adults know little about these great minds who have changed the course of history. There is no society without a history. Similarly, there is no history without human beings. The dynamics of every society is built on a tradition. Today, we talk about the Western Intellectual Tradition. This book has brought this tradition to the fore for all those interested in the history of science and hence great scientists of the present era.

Professor Michael U. Adikwu
Recipient of 2006 Nigeria Prize for Science
And National Coordinator, World Bank Step – B Projects

An inspiring, educative and thrilling book that is capable of imparting the minds of young people in sciences. I recommend it to all science students, at both secondary and tertiary levels.

Professor A. J. Nok (MFR)
Recipient of 2009 Nigeria Prize for Science
And Dean, Faculty of Science, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

This book Inculcating the Tenets of Great Scientists is scintillating! I endorse it to all because it has the potential to awaken the sleeping giant in the reader.

Professor E. I. Akubugwo
Professor of Biochemistry and Toxicology
And former Dean, Faculty of Biological and Physical Sciences ABSU