Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Our Mission in Global Science Development Initiatives

It is a well known fact that science education and practice has plunged to an appalling state in our nation. Many are no longer interested in science, as there are no incentives to enhance productivity and learning. There has also not been adequate government funding and priority necessary for science development, thereby leaving the nation bereft of the economic development derivable through the vehicle of science. Worse still, young and budding scientists are left to study science without motivation and encouragement, thereby proliferating poor performances. These difficulties among others have helped to point science education in Nigeria in downward trajectory.

There has also not been a healthy conversation between science and the Nigerian public. In fact, some people have asked, “Are there scientists in Nigeria”. This has nonetheless led to the poor appreciation and funding of science in the Nigerian society. It has also resulted to the decrease in the number of young people pursuing careers in sciences. Meanwhile, how do we make science-based decisions in future when the majority of our youth no longer do well or show interest in science?

Rather than join the lament and whining on how science education and its public perception has reached this hopeless or poor state, we in Global Science Development Initiatives have taken the bull by its horns, driven by a strong desire not to let things be as they are. We believe science can be developed in our nation when the minds of her individual scientists – from contemporary and future generations, are well equipped to study and practice science in all its ramifications. We believe science can be developed in our nation when a healthy conversation exists between her and the public. These, we intend to achieve, through our numerous seminars, workshops, conferences, public lectures and publications.

More so, the economic viability of a nation is predicated on its science-based activities. And the demand for scientific research is also very high as it is the key to solving society’s critical problems related to food, energy, health and so on. In meeting all these demands, we need a new crop of educated people, ready for scientific research, teaching and technological development. This is our commitment in Global Science Development Initiatives.